Our decking is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing and may be used as a low maintenance, beneficial alternative to lawn, or a welcome addition to the grass in your garden.

Sturdy decking panels provide a solid surface for seating and outdoor equipment such as barbeques, allowing you to enjoy your garden more often, whilst catering for friends and family, dinner parties and entertainment.

Whether you have a firm idea of the style of decking you would like, or are unsure and require some guidance, our expert team can help.

If you need decking supplies for a domestic or commercial property, we can provide you with the wooden panelling that you need. All of our timber is sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring not only that it is of the highest quality, but that we also contribute to the sustainability of our world’s forests.

Reversible Decking

Size Price
120mm x 32mm Finished Size
5.4m £12.15
4.8m £10.80
4.2m £9.45
3.6m £8.10
3.0m £6.75


Size Price
4.2m 8" x 2" £19.00
4.8m 6" x 2" £14.00
4.2m 6" x 2" £13.00
4.8m 5" x 2" £12.50
4.2m 5" x 2" £11.50
4.8m 4" x 2" £9.50
4.2m 4" x 2" £9.00
3.6m 4" x 2" £8.50
3.0m 4" x 2" £8.00


Description Price
2.4m (including spacers) £12.00


Description Price
28mm Decking Rope (per metre) £4.00


Description Price
Standard 900mm £2.00
Colonial 900mm £2.00

Newell Posts

Description Price
1.2 Colonial £10.25
1.2 Standard £10.25
1.8 Standard £15.50