Caring for Your Conifer

December 4, 2018

Christmas is coming so what better time of year to discuss caring for your conifer? As with any plant, it all starts with choosing a good quality conifer, planting it correctly and then providing consistent maintenance for at least the first few years until the plant becomes established.

Routine Maintenance

Let’s break down the general maintenance routine for conifers:

Feeding: Unlike some plants, conifers are not demanding and in many cases, feeding annually with around 50-100g per square metre of general purpose fertiliser at the end of every winter is sufficient.

Mulching: Conifers are often mulched in late winter, helping to conserve the winter moisture reserves during the impending spring and summer.

Watering: When first planted, conifers require careful watering, but once established, this changes and watering is required much less frequently.


Many woody plants require frequent pruning, however, conifers need very little maintenance in this area. Despite this, it is not uncommon for a conifer to outgrow its size. In fact, even dwarf conifers are not actually small in size, but just grow slowly. Although pruning can help to control the size of your conifer, it is often best to replace the plant, rather than attempt to restrict it unnecessarily.


Garden comfier are typically propagated by semi-ripe or hardwood cuttings. In fact, many trees can be raised from seed or by grafting.

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