Cottage Garden Design Tips

October 10, 2017

A cottage garden design doesn’t have to be limited to the countryside. In fact, this style of garden is becoming ever popular due to its perfectly romantic appeal and the fragrant nature of the plants used. Here at Border Fencing, we have put together some top tips on how to create the perfect cottage garden design.

Set The Tone

Just as the type of lighting you use in your home sets the atmosphere, the style of plants you plant in your garden will do the same.

Pastel shades are often favoured in a cottage garden design, with the odd splash of sumptuous colour and fragrance coming from peonies and old roses. Lavender is another ever-popular scent in this style of garden and can be grown fairly easily.

Enclose the Space

Although seemingly wild and relaxed, a cottage garden is typically enclosed with the use of a traditional picket fence. There are many variations on this style of fence, however, keeping the fencing low will add to the authenticity of this space.

Plant Closely

When you imagine a cottage garden, a mixture of perennial, annual and foliage plants intertwining with one another, all expertly showcasing their unique appeal typically comes to mind, and this relaxed mixture is what makes a cottage garden design so fascinating to view.

Although you will want carefully consider the type of plants you will be using, the trick is to plant your chosen plants closely together and provide the illusion that this relaxed style of planting hasn’t been meticulously thought out.

Use planting beds to showcase your creative flair or separate vegetables.

Showcase Your Style

Whether you have an array of vintage pots, an old wheelbarrow or stately ornaments, the little elements you add to your garden design to make it your own are what makes your garden truly shine. This is the part where you can really have fun with the design and the best part is, once positioned, these elements can always be moved again as and when you please.

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