Creating a Contemporary Garden

November 9, 2017

No matter how small your garden is, creating a contemporary garden design doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Border Fencing, we have put together a list of ways you can revitalise your garden and create a fresh, modern design, in keeping with the way you live your life.


When creating a contemporary garden, you want to keep the lines simple. Use slimline, metal designs and decorate with cushions for comfort, added texture and a splash of colour.

Alongside a traditional table and chairs, opt for gloss plant pots that bounce light around the space, keeping a contemporary feel.


When it comes to the style of plants used in a contemporary garden, consider the way you live. If you rarely have time to maintain your garden space, opt for hardy plants that will reappear each year and only require a little pruning to keep their shape. To keep the lines of your garden coherent and ensure the space is easy to keep, use your decorative pots for planting and keep the rest of the floor space clear, adding grass or decking.

Contemporary garden designs work well for spaces of all kinds, remaining minimalist for small garden spaces and being eye-catching enough to fill a large area.

Create a Feature

Contemporary gardens work well when they have one stand out feature that the rest of the space can work around. Your statement feature does not have to be anything as obvious as a statue, water fountain or another ornament, such features can be made from forming an eye-catching pathway through the garden, utilising accessories on garden furniture or creating spaces that have a practical use, such as an outdoor cooking or entertainment area.

Here at Border Fencing, we have been creating bespoke garden furniture, such as summer houses, sheds and animal houses to complement your lifestyle. If you would like more information on our wide range of services, please contact us. Call 01527 835 955 today or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch shortly.