Get Your Patio Party Ready

April 6, 2018

Patios can become littered with leaves and debris, especially through autumn, however, now that some sun is finally appearing from behind the clouds and spring may actually be in sight, we take a look at ways you can get your patio looking its best. Whether you’re planning a garden party or are simply looking to do a bit of spring cleaning to get your garden looking it’s very best once again, the team at Border Fencing have put together some top tips.

Clean and Tidy

The first step to a party-ready patio is to remove any old pots that you no longer want in the space, perhaps they have become a bit worn through the season and now is the time for an update. Clear the space of leaves and then clean the patio with a stiff broom, removing any weeds that may be growing in between the paving slabs. If your patio has stubborn algae, a pressure washer may be used to get rid of it easily and efficiently.

Decorate the Space

Once you have successfully cleared and cleaned your patio, comes the fun part. Be sure to cut back any hedges that may be over-crowding the space, creating the perfect frame for the patio area.

Next, you can begin replacing any furniture and adding any decorative pots back into the area. Keep in mind, that if you do decide to host a gathering in your garden, people will need room to move, so it’s often best to leave the centre of the patio clear, with any decoration being used to frame the space, rather than use it.

At Border Fencing, we have been helping people create their perfect garden space by installing new fencing and gates, alongside individually designed garden buildings. If you are looking to create a separate outside space or simply would like to update your fencing to something more sturdy and visually appealing, we welcome you to contact us. Call our team today on 01527 835 955 or use our online enquiry form.