Your Guide to Garden Weeds

May 3, 2018

Now the nicer weather is here, many of us will be getting out into the garden. If you haven’t been out into your garden for a long time, you may find that parts of the space have become overrun with weeds. Our simple guide to garden weeds will tell you all you need to know to tackle these unwanted visitors.

In order to understand how to best tackle your garden weeds, you will need to know exactly what type of weeds you have growing.


As the name suggests, these weeds sprout up every year and types such as Chickweed and hairy bittercress end their life cycle by setting seeds that will grow again the following year.

To get rid of annual weeds, dislodge them by shallowly working the soil with a hoe. Digging too deeply may mean you bring up ungerminated seeds to the surface.


Perennial weeds such as dandelions have a life cycle longer than a year. As such, these weeds can be more difficult to get rid of. In order to prevent them continually growing back, you will need to eradicate the main root using a fork or use a targeted weed killer. Systemic weed killer kills at the roots once absorbed into the plant’s sap stream.

Some trees can be classed as weeds too, and if they do begin to grow in unwanted places, it is best to eradicate them as soon as possible. Hollies and horse chestnut trees have tough roots which can be very hard to get out if they are left to become established.

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