Ideas: Gardening With Youngsters

March 12, 2018

As the weather gets warmer, it feels great to be back out in the garden again, and if you have children, there’s no excuse not to get them involved as well. In the latest blog post from Border Fencing, we discuss top ways to get your children involved in gardening and make it a fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

The garden is full of various sounds and sights so use this to your advantage and create an engaging gardening experience.


Ask your children to write down or tell you all the different colours they see. Once they’ve all been written down, go on a hunt around the garden and ask them to point out to you where they spotted them. If you want to extend the activity, bright flowers such as sunflowers also make great subjects for painting, as do marigolds and any trees you’re lucky enough to have in the garden.


There are many sounds you can hear in the garden, from the wind in the trees to the sound of buzzing bumblebees. Spend a few minutes listing to all that you can hear, then see if you can spot where the sounds are coming from.


Not all leaves and plants feel the same, get your children involved in gardening by letting them gently touch the various flowers and bushes around, noticing the difference between each. To make this into an activity, you could make a list of the ones your child prefers in order of most to least.


Just as not everything in the garden feels the same, it doesn’t smell the same either. The grass and earth will have a completely different smell to a lavender bush and various types of herbs. Have fun with the children and list all of your favourite smells. You may also ask your child to describe each smell with only three words or ask them to tell you what they think the scent is similar to.

Sometimes an interest in the garden is sparked by the littlest of things. Other ideas include, leaf collecting, making daisy chains or building your own wormery.

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