Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

January 10, 2018

Whether you’re not a keen gardener or you’ve simply got tired of maintaining a large space, there are a few changes you can make in order to create a low maintenance garden. In the latest blog post from Border Fencing, we take a look at low maintenance garden ideas that you can introduce to your own space.

It may seem radical, but if you are looking for an entirely low maintenance garden, you should consider getting rid of all of the plants. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about pruning, watering or maintain these elements of your garden.

If getting rid of all plants in your garden seems too drastic, consider only keeping hardy plants of a similar type, or having a selection of potted plants near the top of your garden that are easy to reach and maintain.

Another thing to remove from your garden is the lawn. Stones are a low maintenance option and can come in a variety of colours to help you personalise the space to suit your own taste.

Once you have removed all difficult elements of your garden, the main thing you will be left to do is keep the space tidy. To make this easy for you, keep things such as a broom and a dustpan and brush outside, as well as a space (such as a mini greenhouse, garden building or shed) to store such belongings.

One of the most important aspects of your garden is having a place whereby you can sit and enjoy it. A simple table and chairs can be placed on any hard, level ground and will give your garden an attractive focal point.

Other low maintenance additions to your garden may be accessories such as bird feeding stations. These will attract wildlife to your garden that may otherwise be lacking if you remove your plants and lawn.

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