Planting Bulbs for Spring

November 7, 2018

Bulbs are a great way to brighten up your garden and may be planted in borders and containers. There are a wide variety of bulbs which can be planted now, ready to bloom during the spring, including tulips. Daffodils, crocus’ and hyacinths are ideally planted by the end of September and hardy summer flowering bulbs such as lilies, alliums and crocosmia during September and October.


Some bulbs prefer to be panted in specific settings and will thrive much better in these locations. Daffodils and tulips like a spot where they can receive direct sunlight in a spot that benefits from good drainage.

Depending on the habitat that the bulb is used to, some will prefer a more moist and cool environment, so it is important to check the best location (usually written on the packet) before you begin planting.

Planting Borders

To make your borders pop, plant around six bulbs together to give a vibrant display of colour. If you have a large area or your borders are quite deeply set, you may require around 25 to 50 bulbs to create a dramatic display.

Bulbs need to be planted in a hole that is around two to three times their own height. Once in the ground, cover with soil and firm gently with the back of a rake. If the ground is moist, you may not need to worry about watering the site straight away, however, if the ground is particularly dry, you ‘ll want to water the ground straight away. Once in the ground, be sure not to treat over the area this could damage the bulb underneath.

Border Fencing

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