Taking Care of Your Roses

February 6, 2019

The rose is a beautiful flower, so it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular garden plants. There is sometimes a common misconception that roses are tough plants to grow and maintain, however, by taking a few easy steps, you can keep your roses growing healthily for a long time to come.

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we take a look at top tips to grow your roses, meaning you can enjoy their scent and beauty in your garden for many years.


One handy thing about roses is that they don’t need a particular type of soil, so long as it is well-drained. However, if you do happen to have some well-rotted garden compost or manure, use this to get your roses off to a great start.

In the first few years of planting, where the soil is dry, you will need to ensure thorough watering. In prolonged dry spells, it is recommended to water the top layer of the soil (the first 25cm) every 10 days. Roses that are well-established can survive on the moisture present in the soil in normal weather conditions.

Tidying Around Roses

It is important to note that weed killers based on glyphosate and other systemic chemicals may be taken up by the rose and cause severe damage. If you would like to use a weed killer around your rises, contact weed killers pose less of a risk.

Additionally, beware that roses have roots that come up close to the soils surface, so it is best to be extra cautious if hoeing this area.


It takes a lot of feeding to keep great looking roses and they respond well to generous feeding.

To keep your roses well fed, use general purpose or rose fertiliser. Additionally, you can mulch manure immediately after using fertiliser, keeping a gap between the mulch and rose stem (about 10cm).

If your roses are in containers, you can feed them every two weeks between mid-spring and late summer.

Border Fencing

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