The Benefits of Having a Home Office in a Garden Building

June 12, 2017

Working from home is on the rise; in the UK, the number of individuals who work from home has risen by nearly 30% in 10 years. Because of this shift in flexible working, it has become popular to create a bespoke, professional working environment only moments from your back door. A garden building can provide the perfect balance between home and work life, and Border Fencing has a team of architects, designers and builders to bring your vision to life.

Eliminate Commute

By eliminating the daily commute to and from work, which for some people can be hours, you free up more time for essential life factors such as socialising and exercising. For many people, the commute alone can determine just how satisfying a job can be and in most cases, the long journeys outweigh even the most enjoyable roles. By working from home, you can benefit from more personal time and less stress that comes along with traffic and public transport.

Eat Healthier / Exercise

By being at home, you can avoid those ready meal lunches or skipped breakfasts and maintain a healthier, more nutritional diet which will, in turn, improve work productivity, concentration and reduce the likelihood of sick days!

Calming Surroundings

The environment you work in can hugely influence your mood and stress levels. Instead of working in a grey, stark cubicle that seems like miles from the nearest window, why not set up your space in a bright, peaceful spot of your garden and reap the benefits. On a spring or summer day, open your doors and benefit from fresh air and vitamin D. Research suggests that improved scenery can increase productivity – particularly in creative roles!

Separate from Home

By situating your office in a garden building, you can separate yourself from the distractions of your home. By having a routine and staying away from the house itself, you will avoid being disturbed by visitors, chores or TV shows, but will still benefit from home cooked lunches and an extra hour of sleep.

No Planning Permission Needed

With a garden building from Border Fencing, there’s no need for planning permission. Unlike many extensions, a garden building will not exceed height restrictions so it can be assembled as soon as you wish!

Steve Jobs, Roald Dahl and Walt Disney are amongst those who have flourished by working in a garden building, so if you are based in the Worcestershire area and would like to discuss a garden building design for your home work space, then get in touch with us today!