Top Tips For Pruning

June 1, 2018

Pruning is an important part of garden maintenance. Whilst it is essential for keeping your outside space looking tidy, pruning at the wrong time or in the wrong way could be detrimental to your plants. In the latest blog post from Border Fencing, we discuss top tips for pruning, helping your garden look great all year round.

Your Tools

Before you begin pruning, it is essential that you have the right tools, you will need:


A pruning saw

An appropriate bing for garden waste

String to tie in climbers to the garden fence or trellis.

The Benefits of Pruning

Not all shrubs and trees require regular pruning. However, you may want to restrict their size, prune them into a certain shape or remove dead branches.

Roses come in many varieties, but many people find it hard to distinguish and then care for their particular rose type. Below are some top tips for climbing roses.

Time Frame

Begin pruning climbing roses in winter, once all the flowers have faded, this is typically between December and February. If necessary you may delicately tie long and whippy shoots to prevent strong winter winds from damaging them.

The Method

Remove all dead shoots on your climbing rose. If your rose is heavily congested, prune back older branches to promote new, more vigorous growth.


Not only is it easier to see what you are doing if your rose isn’t in half leaf, you will get a better response from your rose if you wait until late autumn and winter to begin renovating. The following steps provide an initial guide:

Once again, begin by removing, dead, diseased or weak shoots.

Using your pruning saw, saw away any dead stumps at the base of the plant, where rain can collect, to prevent rot.

To give your plants extra vigour in the following spring, spread granular rose fertiliser over the soil and mulch them with a layer of garden compost around 5cm thick.

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