Top Tips for Your Barbecue Party

June 12, 2017

When the summer months finally appear, many of us want to spend lots of time in the garden. Whether you want somewhere to entertain your guests or just a space to sit and relax in, having somewhere comfortable in your garden can make all the difference to how much time you spend in your outside space.

At Border Fencing we have put together a list of top tips to consider when planning your summertime garden barbecue party.

Food Preparation

One of the main features of a barbecue party is the food, and if this is where all of your guests’ attention will wander to, it is essential that you get it right.

You don’t always have the time to ask each of your guests if there’s a particular food item they don’t eat. However, you can negate this issue by setting out a variety of ingredients and allowing your guests to create their own skewers.

In addition to this, it may prove handy to have a few skewers and foods of your choice already made and cooked before you guests arrive, avoiding the long wait for food and multiple hungry guests.

Create an Atmosphere

To create a memorable party you’ll need to create a great atmosphere. Music is a great way to set the scene and portable radios and music players are easily available.

If you want to really put on a show, you may also want to decorate your garden or summer house. Simple bunting and ribbon decoration can go a long way. However, fairy lights and colourful displays of buffet style food and drinks can also create extra impact.

Remember, if you plan for your barbecue party to go on for some time, you’ll want to ensure your guests have a comfortable place to sit down; summer houses are a great alternative to standard deck chairs and offer warmth as the evening draws in.

Choose a Theme

Not all parties have to have a theme, but those that do are always remembered. Themed parties make your guests feel much more involved with the event, with each person taking a unique a twist on the chosen style.

Consider sending out formal invites so no there is no confusion on the dress code, and then have fun deciding on your own outfit and corresponding decor!

At Border Fencing, we’re passionate about making your outside space the best it can be. If you’re planning to spend more time in your garden this year, but feel your space could benefit from a bit of an overhaul, contact our friendly team today.